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Our Recent Work Examples (spring 2021)

The prolonged Covid-19 pandemic and major maritime accidents: there is little to be cheerful in 2021 for ship managers, but the ships can't be stopped. In order to solve the difficult situations that ships face, KOM'c keeps providing a variety of services, through our international human network.

We have received orders for the following work recently.

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KOM'c Inc.

(Kobe Ocean Marine Consulting)

  • 7th Fl., Gem Building
    2-3-2, Motomachi-Dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe
    Hyogo 650-0022 Japan
  • tel : +81(0)78-381-6881 - fax +81(0)78-381-6891
  • makomc
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KOM'c Inc. Brochure
April 2020 (PDF) A3 5.9MB

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