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Here are the latest updates about KOM'c activities - from Japan, China, and many other ports around the world.

Why not try NOSCO shipyard for your ship's maintenance?

KOM'c is strengthening its relationship with NOSCO.

NOSCO is a shipyard located in northeastern Vietnam, near Haiphong, capable of handling vessels up to 75,000tdw class with its synchro lift. Above all, it is a vibrant company and has the potential to become an international choice like certain Chinese yards of some time ago.

KOM'c is now an Agent for Oman's ASYAD

KOM'c has become the agent for ASYAD Drydock in Oman, and we, together with ASYAD's sales reps, have visited various ship owners in Japan to introduce the Middle-Eastern shipyard.

Notice of Office Relocation

We are pleased to inform you that our office has moved to the following new address effective October 6th, 2022. Our telephone and fax numbers are not changed.

Notice of Merger and Change of Business Name

In June 2022, KOM'c Inc. merged with three of our group companies - Nippon Maritime Display Co., Ltd., VG Maritime Solutions Co., Ltd. and Nippon Maritime Communications, Co., Ltd. - to form a brand new company called "NMD GROUP Co., Ltd."

Our Recent Records for 3D Scanning

KOM'c has been consistently receiving orders for 3D scanning in Asia and outside Asia. We carried out scanning recently at the following countries :

Our Recent Records for Superintendent Arrangement outside Japan

Our recent business records (during COVID-days) for superintendent arrangement outside Japan is as follows:

Commissioning of Marorka Flowmeters Started for New Building Ships in Japan

We are performing commissioning works of Marorka flow meters installed onboard new building ships under construction at Minaminippon Shipbuilding, Japan.

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