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Hello everybody, I'm Yongkang Ma.

I was born and grew up in Shanghai, China. After graduating from university where I studied telecommunication engineering, I started my career with the shipping giant COSCO as an operation-maintenance engineer for telecommunication and navigation systems.

Having spent 5 years with COSCO, I moved to Japan in 1997, to study the ship's structure and kinematic performance at the Graduate School of Engineering of Osaka Prefecture University.

Since completion of postgraduate course, I have managed to change a variety of jobs : designer of onboard air-conditioning system ; production manager of auxiliary boilers ; project manager at a shipbuilding company, in charge of production engineering, quality control, parts procurement and construction process control, to cite a few.

I became a sales engineer at a marine trading company in 2010. In this role I arranged for ship repair and equipment inspection mainly for Japanese shipowners and managers, and also helped them cope with critical situations.

Looking back, I have been working in shipping and shipbuilding industries for 27 years now. Apart from learning a lot, in many positions with various firms, I have really enjoyed collaborating - and negotiating - with different people with different nationality/background, working in different corners of the industries. Those colorful experiences allowed me to cultivate productive relationship with them, too.

In June 2019, I established my own company KOM'c Inc. (= stands for Kobe Ocean Marine Consulting) which focuses on providing technical-related services to shipowners and managers worldwide. It has now evolved into "KOM'c Company" within its parent corporation, NMD Group Co., Ltd., following NMD's introduction of an in-house company system.

KOM'c is only a small startup company. Let me emphasize however that we have a rich experience in the marine business, extensive knowledge and know-how on both technical and commercial sides of the ship, and - among others - a solid local and international network of technical professionals behind us.

If you need anything, especially about your ship in the Asian waters, please try us. We know what you need and are here to offer you the best international solutions that fix your problem, without wasting your valuable time !

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5 min. walk from Sannomiya Station (JR / Hanshin / Hankyu / Kobe Municipal Subway Lines)


KOM'c Company
NMD Group Co., Ltd.

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5th Fl., IN Toyo Bldg.,
3-2-5, Hachiman-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe
Hyogo 651-0085 Japan
tel : +81(0)78-381-6881 - fax +81(0)78-381-6891

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KOM'c Inc. Brochure
October 2022 (PDF) A3 5.2MB

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