Our Recent Work Examples in COVID19 Era

The outbreak of COVID19, which restricts the movement of people, is having a profound impact on the international business of shipping and shipbuilding. Take advantage of our international network to help you navigate these challenging times.

For example - let us introduce some of our recent works :

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GRVE Pipe Bonding

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Scrubber Pipe Lining Job

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Scrubber Pipe Lining Job

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Scrubber Pipe Lining Job

  • GRVE pipe bonding work for Scrubber Retrofitting
  • Lining job for inner surface of distance piece to avoid corrosion
  • Anchor replacing job at Fujairah anchorage and Singapore anchorage
  • 3D Scanning at Fujairah anchorage, Indonesia, and USA
  • Commissioning of Mass Flowmeter for new buildings
  • Repair of Scrubber by SUS TIG welding
  • Engineering to modify the old version of Alfa Laval BWMS to meet USCG guide line
  • Sampling and analysis of IHM at Chinese dockyards

Making the most of our network, we always try to flexibly propose a solution to your problems. Please feel free to let us know your problems !

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